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Is USPS ‘prostituting’ it’s stamp program?

Do you agree with former Postmaster General, and avid stamp collector, Benjamin F. Bailar that the USPS is prostituting it’s stamps with commercial images? Or were you as excited as I was when I saw Spiderman stamps were available? Read the full Washington Post article and let us know your thoughts: USPS ‘prostituting’ its stamp program with… Read More

The Cost of Dirty Data

The cost of dirty data is real and this article explains it well. The investment to ensure that the contact data used for communications is complete, correct, and current is always small in comparison to the return of higher response rates and better customer experiences. Read the full article at Direct Marketing News: The Hidden… Read More

Enhanced Suppression Services Launched!

BCC Software is excited to announce Enhanced Suppression Services is now available.  Our new service provides even more accurate results due to our new data sources for deceased and business flagging. Setting up and submitting jobs through BCC Mail Manager™ is exactly the same as it was before.  We still offer options to run Deceased,… Read More

Summer Postal Release expected later in August

Summer is here, and with it comes changes from the USPS®.    This release was delayed slightly by the USPS, and the changes described below are required for production on September 7, 2014. Here is what you can expect in your software release: Mail.dat® 14-2 Updated postage statements PS3541 PS3600 – FCM and Priority PS 3602… Read More

BCC Mail Manager Users Excited about Window Book’s New eDM10X™

For years the USPS® has been pushing mailers into using PostalOne!®.  The reality is that mailers do not have time to wait for PostalOne!®.  You need to be free to work on the shop floor, with customers or the USPS. Some BCC Mail Manager users asked Window Book about how they can work better with PostalOne!®. … Read More

Tech Tip: Unique Barcodes

Avoid ‘Barcode Uniqueness Piece Errors’ and unnecessary scoring issues on your PostalOne! Mailer Scorecard. Using constant text in the Intelligent Mail® barcode Properties ‘Serial Number’ field is the most common mistake. Many times we will see a single zero or a string of zeroes in the Serial Number field. If you use constant text, BCC… Read More