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Reminder about New Processing Acknowledgement Forms

Beginning January 1st, 2015, the USPS® has required that all new/renewed PAFs contain our current company name, BCC Software, LLC.  List owners with a valid PAF on file do not have to use the new PAF until their expiration date. You can see the PAFs we have on file for your company in the Data Marketing… Read More

Don’t forget to update your NCOALink® FSP or LSP Subscription!

Please check your NCOALink FSP or LSP subscription renewal date; your subscription may be expiring soon.  The renewal dates for your subscriptions can be seen in the BCC Software Customer Portal. Subscriptions expire the last day of the month prior to the expiration date. For example, if your subscription start date was March 1, 2014… Read More

January Tech Tip – Updating Your Software

There are many good reasons to not wait until the last minute to update your software. One reason is to have the most current USPS® CASS™ data. Waiting to update your CASS data means that you will be encoding your list with older, possibly outdated, address information. BCC sends updated CASS directories to BCC Mail… Read More

A Look Ahead at 2015

Even without a rate increase, this January brings many changes at the USPS®, providing some vision into what to expect for 2015. BCC Software President Chris Lien sat down recently and shared his thoughts in a newly released video. The largest change we have seen for 2015 is the announced retirement of the current Postmaster… Read More