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More News on What You Can Expect in April

The USPS® has published the Federal Register Notice reflecting the changes in the PRC filing we discussed last month.  The Federal Register has added more clarity about what the changes entail, and how they will be executed by the USPS.  Here is a quick digest to get you up to speed. Draft postage statements and… Read More

Changes to Data Services Wizard Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! Changes are coming to the Data Services Wizard to make the functionality of the “Choose PAF” utility clearer for our users.  For example, when choosing an existing PAF, adding an electronic PAF (ePAF) or adding a hard copy PAF, the windows will be easier to navigate. Informational messages will be added, based on… Read More

MTAC Update

Each quarter the Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meets to review current issues concerning the USPS® and industry. For those who are unfamiliar with MTAC, here is a description right from its charter: “The Postmaster General’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) is a venue for the United States Postal Service (“Postal Service”) to… Read More

TECH TIP: Did you know that BCC Mail Manager supports eInduction?

What do you need to do? If you are already participating in Full Service mailing, you are already doing everything that is required. Just inform PostalOne!® that you would like to start participating in eInduction. As a reminder, presort your jobs on pallets, and BCC Mail Manager™ will create Intelligent Mail barcodes for your containers… Read More

Cover Your Assets with Track N Trace

Anyone who prepares and submits mailings on behalf of a mail owner knows that poor delivery performance is bad for business. Failed, delayed, or rejected mail will result in unhappy customers, higher costs, and wasted time for the mailer. The mail piece and the message it conveys are important assets to most mailers and their… Read More

Increase Your ROI with Proprietary Change Of Address

Up to 40% of the people who move do not file changes of address with the USPS®, and as such cannot be located with NCOALink® processing. Our new Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) service goes beyond NCOALink to provide new addresses for individuals who have moved, but neglected to file new address information with the… Read More

TNT™ Origin Confirm Integrated with BCC Mail Manager

Tracking outgoing mail is a way to add value to any mailing, by letting you see how the mail is progressing to your targets. But what about those return pieces? Which ones are on the way back? When will they get here? Now you can answer that question with Track N Trace Origin Confirm™. TNT… Read More

Priority Mail Processing Added to BCC Mail Manager

You asked, and we listened. Priority Mail® is a larger part of what you do – and now we can help you get it done, with the new BCC Mail Manager™ option for Priority Mail. This new feature handles the work of creating the Shipping Services file, allowing you immediately eliminate the $.20 per piece… Read More

New Compliance Levels for IMpb Users Now in Effect

Parcel mailers using BCC Mail Manager™ products should verify their processes to ensure they are inside the compliance thresholds for IM®pb mailings effective January 25, 2015. The new compliance levels are listed below. Don’t get concerned about the 11-digit requirements for lists with more than 2% non-DPV® records. These records include some of the delivery… Read More

Breaking Down the Latest Changes from the USPS

Here we go again. Rate Case (Docket R2015-4) for April has been announced by USPS® and contains important changes mailers need to be aware of. The USPS has finally released their much anticipated request to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for price changes, and it contains a number of interesting changes beyond just the cost… Read More

Transform the Way Your Clients View You and Deliver Greater Value

Later this month BCC Software will be publishing a series of articles that provide insight into how you can use the power of data to change the way your clients view their relationship with you. Get ready to transform your business and expand your reach by leveraging BCC Software as your trusted partner.

Final Call – Discounted Expressions and User Defined Functions Workshop

Introductory Special! Attend the “Working with Expressions and User Defined Functions” workshops on February 13th and receive a $50.00 discount off of the regular one-day workshop tuition. The sooner you register, the better your chance of confirming a seat. Join us and learn how to maximize your skills using Expressions and User Defined Functions, while… Read More

Have you read the Release Notes?

Name a word to describe software release notes. Dry? Boring? Tedious? All of the above? Probably. But they do contain valuable technical information that helps you to understand what has changed in our products and the USPS® tables. Product Release Notes give an overview of fixes and enhancements made to the software. If you have… Read More

CEO Perspectives: It Still Starts with Address Quality.

“Data quality is foundational to every business decision our customers make and the industries we serve. It is a deciding factor in who we target, when we communicate to them, and even how we communicate to them. The foundation in all these data driven decisions is the physical delivery address.” BCC Software President Chris Lien… Read More

Don’t Let Your NCOALink Jobs Go On Hold!

The USPS® has required that all new/renewed PAFs contain our current company name, BCC Software, LLC. List owners with a valid PAF on file will not have to use the new PAF until their expiration date. You can access blank/writable PDF version of the PAF on the customer portal.  The PAF is also available in BCC… Read More

Tech Tip: Secure Destruction Service Supported

With the release of BCC Mail Manager™ Version, the new USPS® Secure Destruction services available with the Intelligent Mail® barcode are fully supported. Using this new service, mailers can opt out of receiving what would be “return-to-sender” mail, and have it securely disposed of instead. This service is only currently available for First-ClassTM Letter… Read More