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Rate Case Update

In the April 16th filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), the USPS responded to the last set of remands from the PRC regarding Standard Mail, Periodical, and Package Services rates. The PRC issued a response to the USPS on April 17 and indicated they would accept industry comments through Thursday, April 23rd. If this set of new rates… Read: Rate Case Update »

Xploration 2015 Wrap Up

Last month BCC Software connected with many of our customers, partners, and industry contacts at the Xploration 2015 conference in Orlando. In addition to meeting people at the booth, President Chris Lien joined colleagues from different areas of the industry on the “You’ve Got Mail: Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?” panel. During that discussion… Read: Xploration 2015 Wrap Up »

Tech Tip: Navigating Truck Direct Mail

Are you interested in destination drop shipping and logistics? Did you know that BCC Mail Manager can help you with the decision?  When presorting, the ‘Show Summary’ functionality is available on the Mailing Presort Information window. This allows you to see potential destinations for dropping your mail using Truck Direct Mail (powered by Direct Logistics… Read: Tech Tip: Navigating Truck Direct Mail »

Manifest Added to Priority Mail

In February we announced the addition of Priority Mail support within BCC Mail Manager. This month we’re proud to announce that we’ve enhanced the feature to include support for manifesting as well as preparing priority mail in Tubs. Manifesting support, now included with all Priority mail options, will allow you to produce mailings with different weights and… Read: Manifest Added to Priority Mail »

Mail Manager Network Option

Are you adding staff to your business and in need of additional access to your mailing preparation software? As your business grows, so should your access to your mail preparation software. The Network option for BCC Mail Manager allows multiple workstations to access a single software installation, for greater efficiency and significant economy. The option… Read: Mail Manager Network Option »

Get to know your PCC

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) program began more than 45 years ago with the formation of local user councils. These councils worked to improve communication between local postal customers and local postal managers. In 1971, the name was changed to Postal Customer Council (PCC).[i] Today there are 155 PCCs across the country with tens of… Read: Get to know your PCC »

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