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The Rise and Fall of Postage

After what seemed like an eternity, the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit finally came back with a decision on the exigent surcharge of 4.3% that was approved and implemented in 2014. Like many decisions, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that the Court agreed with the Postal… Read More

Survey Follow Up – How do you handle addresses without a ZIP+4 Match

Last month’s one question survey asked: “For advertising mail, how do you handle addresses that do not get a ZIP+4 match during the encoding process?” We’re grateful for the large response – this is clearly an important topic mailers think about on a regular basis. Many of you asked that we share the results: Based… Read More

What’s on the table?

Have you ever wondered what was included in a table update? Do you want to be notified when an update is available? Keep reading… Labeling Lists: (monthly) The USPS Labeling List tables provide active, originating 3- and 5-digit ZIP Code data along with their destination locations for labeling purposes. The Labeling Lists are used in… Read More

Three solutions for Rooftop Level Geocode from BCC Software

Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as longitude and latitude) from a street addresses. Rooftop geocoding provides the exact delivery point level match when given an address while centroid geocoding provides a much less exact match. BCC Software has three options for acquiring the precision of Rooftop Geocoding; Data Marketing… Read More

What is the Enhanced Merge/Purge Option for Mail Manager?

With the Enhanced Merge/ Purge option for BCC Mail Manager™, we’ve made it easy to take your list-control capabilities to impressive new levels—allowing you to consolidate multiple lists quickly, efficiently, and with flexibility you need to stay on schedule and on budget. Option Features A variety of processing options Merge List —  combine lists to get… Read More

New Data Marketing Services Subscriptions Now Available

BCC Software Data Marketing Services is excited to announce that Flat-Rate Subscriptions are now available for DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File), Suppression Suite and ARS (Address Resolution Service) processing. No per-job minimum charges Same Day turnaround at no additional charge Compatible with combined NCOALink/Suppression Suite jobs DSF2 – identifies ZIP + 4® coded addresses to supplying… Read More

The new rates are here to stay!

On May 7th, 2015 the PRC finally accepted the last round of changes from the USPS. Between the first filing on February, 26 2015, and the final version published in the Federal Register, a hybrid of the filings has been codified into the new rate schedule. Here are a couple of highlights: The FSS Price… Read More

An Overview of Destination Entry Postal Drop Shipping

In early 1991, the Postal Service introduced a new work-sharing and cost-saving opportunity for high volume mailers of standard mail (i.e. advertising class or 3rd class) which came to be known as “destination entry postal drop shipping.” In this model, mailers prepare pallets of pre-sorted finished mail, and ship the pallets directly to USPS distribution… Read More

Presorting using both 1-foot MM trays and 2-foot EMM trays

For years we have had many requests to be able to use 1-foot MM trays and 2 foot EMM trays in the same mailing, and for years we have been telling you that it is just not possible because it is against the rules according to the DMM.  Well, we have exciting news! As of… Read More

What is TaskMaster, and why should I use it?

Do you find yourself processing the same job more than once? Would you like to free up some of your staff’s time for additional projects? TaskMaster can help you to record individual tasks or whole Mail Manager jobs and set them to play back with little or no operator intervention. Adding TaskMaster to your operation… Read More