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Mail Entry Roadmap Guide Webinar

Last month we released our eight page guide to the Mail Entry Roadmap (you can still download that right here). The guide summarizes, distills, and demystifies the 48 page USPS publication and provides some context on the roadmap itself to help you understand what the changes mean to your business.

EFI Connect 2016

BCC Mail Manager is the only postal preparation software fully integrated with EFI Monarch, enabling postal workflow automation including presort, reporting, and NCOALink. The integration also returns final postage costs to the EFI Monarch dashboard. The BCC Software team is heading the EFI Connect in Las Vegas later this month to show the integration to… Read More

Parcel Assessment Reprieve (For Now)

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has delayed the requirements and assessments for parcels originally scheduled for January of 2016. The regulation mandates all packages shipped in the United States include a complete address that electronically delivery point validates prior to time of delivery. An assessment of $0.20 per piece will be charged for any… Read More