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Comparing Mail.dat versus Mail.xml

Last month, we explored the benefits of becoming a Full Service Mailer with the USPS.  One of the main benefits is the cost savings associated with the Full Service postal discount. To receive this discount as a Full-Service Mailer, you must electronically upload all mailing documentation to the USPS through an eSubmission method like Mail.dat… Read More

Another Busy MTAC Meeting in November 2017

There were no shortage of topics to discuss at the November 2017 MTAC meetings held at USPS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Here’s an overview of the latest news: Board of Governors Nominations. The Postmaster General provided a quick recap of the delivery and health of the business as well as some broader trends in the… Read More

Tech Tip: Get Out from Behind Bars! Solving for Barcode Uniqueness Errors

As Mailer Scorecard assessments come in, one area of concern for some customers is Barcode Uniqueness Errors. Let’s take a closer look at solving for these types of errors: Problem: The biggest culprit behind this error is barcodes in the Mail.dat .pbc or .pdr files do not match the barcodes on the pieces presented to… Read More