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Maintaining BCC Mail Manager Performance

By George Vaisey, Director of Professional Services Using software repeatedly and heavily over a period of time can cause any environment to become sluggish. In my 20 years working with customers, I routinely get asked how to improve the performance of BCC Mail Manager or why has it become slower over time. There are simple… Read More

Tech Tip: New Year, New Rates

The New Year is here, and with it comes the January 2017 Postage Statements from the United States Postal Service. It is always a little tricky to try to figure out exactly when you should update your software. Update too soon or too late and you can run the risk of having your mail rejected… Read More

Quality Control Process Using Visual Separators

One of the best ways to invest in your business — and prevent Mailer Scorecard errors – is to create a quality control process. A system of checks ensures alignment of identification numbers and goes a long way, not only to protect your business from assessments from the Postal Service but also ensure better outcomes for your customers.… Read More

Announcing: Buy Data Marketing Services via the Customer Portal

BCC Software is excited to announce a new easy-to-use, self-service way to purchase Data Marketing Services for customers – the DMS Store available via the Customer Portal. Through the DMS Store, customers can buy credits directly – this means no more waiting period! Credits purchased through the DMS Store are immediately available for use. You no… Read More

Guest Article: Teaching Old Docs New Tricks

By Jeff Gary, Director of Business Development at Eclipse Corporation. If your company is like most companies today, your enterprise document and forms software may be as old as some of your youngest employees and the features supported most likely don’t support your current initiatives. You may feel like you are asking a Jack Russell… Read More