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NPF 2016 – What We Heard

National Postal Forum 2016 presented BCC Software an in-person opportunity to connect with many customers, partners, and representatives from the USPS. For those that weren’t able to make it, here are the top three observations we brought back from the show. You’ll notice that each one happens to relate to one of the videos from… Read More

Data Points with Chris Lien

In last week’s new video in the Data Points with Chris Lien series Chris explores the value of your time, and discusses the impact on your business when you are forced to wait for unavailable or uninformed support agents, delayed processing of data quality jobs, or inferior software.

Exclusive Preview: New Technology from BCC Software

BCC Software is continuing to reinvest in our technology platforms in response to evolution in available technology, your needs, and the industry as a whole. Later this quarter we will be releasing a brand new product that will open up new doors to automate and streamline workflows. You can anticipate a larger announcement with full… Read More

DDU Selections – Big changes available soon!

DDU Selection in Mail Manager has traditionally been driven by the 5-Digit ZIP Code of the facility receiving the mail. Changes in the way the USPS delivers mail and manages facilities have made this method less desirable over time. In an upcoming release of Mail Manager, you will see significant improvement to the interface and… Read More

Secondary Addresses becoming a Primary Concern

Address quality is still a major concern for the mailing industry. According to the latest Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) statistics from the USPS, over 6.5 billion pieces of mail were UAA in 2015 and cost the mailing industry over $1.2 billion to resolve. The largest contributor to this is UAA was the 4 billion pieces… Read More

April 2016 Postage Statements and Pricing Updates

Spring is here, and with it comes the April 2016 Postage Statements and pricing from the United States Postal Service. It is always a little tricky to try to figure out exactly when you should update your software. Update too soon or too late and you can run the risk of paying incorrect postage, having… Read More

Tech Tip: Benefits of Using the Standardize Options for Data Marketing Services Jobs

We do recommend having Standardize Delivery Address and Standardize City selected while utilizing any DMS process that includes ZIP+4 Encoding. Why? … Because the purpose of Standardize Delivery Address and Standardize City is to convert address and city information to postal abbreviation standards. Without these options selected, the delivery address and city in your list… Read More