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Quick Data Marketing Services (DMS) Reference

BCC Software’s Customer Portal can be used as a quick reference for most DMS questions. It provides our users freedom to check the status of existing DMS jobs, manage Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs), and view a wide range of technical documents anytime. Once logged into the Customer Portal, the status of DMS jobs can be… Read More

Tech Tip: Political and Election Mail Guidelines

It is that time again. Fall is in the air and here comes the federal, state, and local elections. Do you know the difference between Political and Election Mail? If your client tells you that they want to do a “Franked Mailing” would you know what to do? According to the Postal Bulletin (PB22443) published… Read More

TaskMaster Goes Beyond a Tool to Automate Simple, Repetitive Tasks

One Engineer’s Courage Results in New Found Revenue for his Company A common misconception around automation is that it’s only for repetitive tasks. While its true repetitive tasks are perfect candidates for streamlining, automation can go much further. Jerry Eiler, a Finishing Technical Engineer for Ripon Printers in Ripon, WI, learned this first hand. Ripon… Read More

USPS Study Shows Households Still Value Mail

The USPS recently published their FY2015 Household Diary Study and once again it affirms the value of mail when it is prepared with a properly targeted message and delivered with a complete, correct, and current address. The Household Diary Study, initiated in 1987, is conducted done annually and published by the USPS. One of its… Read More

What is the Mailer Scorecard and More

Starting October 1, the U.S. Postal Service will start actively counting any mistakes made by the mailpiece preparer when entering mail for Full-Service delivery – mistakes in address quality, barcode readability, and/or mail preparation — and in November, the first invoices will be mailed to eDoc submitter. BCC Software President Chris Lien shares his thoughts… Read More