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Thinking Ahead: How Can Your Company Prepare for PRINT 2021?

The mailing and printing industries are oft-changing, and will continue to see unprecedented change over the next several years. From uncertain legislation to major disruptions in the workplace, BCC Software hosted a panel of industry experts at PRINT 17 that came together to discuss these changes, and how companies can ensure they continue to be… Read More

Introduction to Automating Your BCC Mail Manager-equipped Workflow

Did you know that 79 percent of mailrooms are going to be automated by 2019? This statistic may seem scary to some – but it shouldn’t be. Automating your workflow saves time and money, allowing you to take on more jobs. Getting started with automation can seem daunting. So, how do you get started automating… Read More

Mail.dat vs. Mail.xml: Which Do You Choose?

As the USPS® furthers its commitment to state of the art technologies, it becomes increasingly more relevant to submit postal documentation using Mail.dat or Mail.xml. In addition to incentives you’re accustomed to, such as the Full-Service discount, the USPS is starting to tie new promotions into its newer technologies, like Informed Delivery. BCC Software is… Read More

Track N Trace Now Utilizing Informed Visibility

Track N Trace® is now consuming mailpiece scan data from Informed Visibility – the new tracking system for the USPS®. BCC Software made this change in response to the decision of the USPS to move to this new technology platform, and the end of life for the current system, IMB Tracing. IMB Tracing systems are scheduled… Read More