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Don't Miss Lien In LIVE

BCC Software will host a live edition of the “Lien In” webcast series from Idealliance Solutions Theater in the exhibit hall floor at National Postal Forum (NPF) on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, at 11:15 a.m. ET. For those unable to attend NPF, register today to view and take part in this dual in-person and virtual event.… Read More

NCOALink vs Address Change Service: How to Choose

Although NCOALink® and Address Change Service (ACS), are both Change-of-Address (COA) services maintained by the USPS®, each one serves a different purpose and can provide different results. The USPS recommends “to use NCOALink  prior to the mailing and ACS to pick up the additional moves and the reasons for nondelivery other than a move.” It… Read More

Address Change Service (ACS) Explained

Recently the USPS® made one of its most efficient Move Update methods free when used with a Full Service mailing. The sheer variety of options and possibilities for ACS can make it feel daunting to navigate, however, the benefits are worth it once you determine which of the dozens of service options best fit your… Read More

Bird’s Eye View Direct Marketing

Have you ever marveled at how some direct marketers seem to have an eagle eye when it comes to targeting the ideal customers? You can too with Rooftop Geocoding service from BCC Software. By converting traditional street addresses into geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude, you can pinpoint the exact location for delivering your message… Read More