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Interpreting Return Codes

Beyond the return code there is a wealth of information that CASS returns which can inform you about the mailability of the piece, and often how the information on it could be corrected. First, there are several return codes that mailers often are unfamiliar with. The most misunderstood is Return Code 39. This is a… Read More

Spring Into Action with Professional Service Offerings

Now is the time to help your team spring into action with customized training with BCC Software. Our professional services can help your company grow by offering unparalleled training options ranging from various in-depth workshops to custom on-site training. BCC Software’s Professional Service Engineers are dedicated to helping our customer’s mailing processes run smarter and… Read More

Status of Your Data Marketing Services Jobs is Always Available

BCC Software’s Customer Portal can be used as a quick reference to check the status of existing and previous DMS jobs, helping you monitor job flow and react immediately to any delays. Once logged into the Customer Portal, the status of DMS jobs can be viewed by going to Services > Data Marketing Services > Data Marketing… Read More