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Guest Article: Optimizing Postal Savings: What Are The Options?

In general, direct mail produces response rates that are much higher than email and other online advertising. If you make direct mail personalized, it can generate awareness and sales leads, drive traffic to web sites, improve cash flow, or increase donations. But it does cost more than its digital alternatives, and often the postage cost… Read More

Promise and Deliver with Data Preflight

At BCC Software, we recognize how heavily customer retention relies on consistently delivering what you promise to your customers. But in a demanding industry, how can you ensure properly formatted, printed and addressed communication pieces every time? Here’s where Data Preflight comes in­—a direct mail proofing software option available exclusively through BCC Mail Manager™. With… Read More

Rooftop Geocoding Is Here

By popular demand, Rooftop Geocoding is now available as part of BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services suite. With the release of BCC Mail Manager™ version, Rooftop Geocoding is available for all Mail Manager and Mail Manager Full Service customers. Previously, Mail Manager’s geocoding feature was only available as part of the ZIP + 4®… Read More

Using PAF Management to Tackle Your ePAFs

The PAF Management feature available within BCC Software’s Mail Manager™ and on the customer portal is a useful tool for managing your company’s ePAFs. It enables you to create or renew ePAFs, track the status, and edit/resend confirmation e-mails. Read below for some helpful tips for using the PAF Management in your daily operations: To Create… Read More

PCOA Processing coming soon to BCC Mail Manager

15% of the US population moves on an annual basis. But did you know that 40% of movers do not file a national change of address (NCOA) notification with the USPS®? Whether people forget in the chaos of moving or intentionally do not file a change of address in an attempt to not be located,… Read More

Avoiding Scorecard Errors Using BCC Software’s MID Management

With scorecard issues becoming more and more prevalent with PostalOne! our Customer Support teams have reviewed the most common issues. Increasingly, Barcode Uniqueness errors have emerged as one of the forerunners. BCC Mail Manager’s MID Management tool is used by everyone who generates Intelligent Mail® barcodes, but the tool is often misunderstood. Correct usage of this feature… Read More

Keep Contact Records Up to Date with BCC Software

As your company grows and changes, there are times when BCC Software needs you to help us, help you. Changes in staffing, company-wide moves, and billing changes are key scenarios where we need to work together. Did you know that if a former employee is not deactivated in our customer database, they may still have… Read More

Rooftop-Level Geocode Processing Now Available Through Wizard

BCC Software is excited to announce that Rooftop-Level Geocode processing is available in BCC Mail Manager, starting in version or higher, through the Data Services Wizard. This great service offers: Exact latitude and longitude of your addresses – coordinates are at the delivery point level. DPV/LACS/SuiteLink® results Same day turnaround Several payment options available – Prepaid… Read More