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Expand Your Options with BCC Software

Are your customers requesting presort services that you just can’t accommodate with your current BCC Software Mail Manager or Mail Manager LE subscription? For some operations, there is simply not enough demand for certain mail classes to justify purchasing the powerful sorting options for BCC Mail Manager. To help you win more of these jobs… Read More

Top Social Posts for July

If you’re not following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out on news and information about BCC Software and important, real-time industry news. Here are the three most popular posts from July: 4 Reasons Mail is Winning in the Internet Age: http://buff.ly/2sMf0ns 5 Things Not to Do in Direct Mail: http://buff.ly/2tl23EN What Makes… Read More

PCOA Available Through DMS Wizard Coming Later this Summer

While thousands of American individuals and families move every day, only 60 percent of these moves are reported to the USPS. So, what about the other 40 percent? BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) tool will be available through the Data Marketing Services Wizard on BCC Mail Manager later this summer. PCOA… Read More

Canadian NCOA Coming Soon to DMS Wizard

If you are a Mail Service Provider located near the northern U.S. border, or if you have customers that need to get mail into Canada, getting the correct list prepared and ensuring the mailpieces are received by all of the intended recipients can be challenging. But soon, BCC Software’s Mail Manager will be able to… Read More

Informed Delivery Support Coming Mid August

By now, you have heard a lot about Informed Delivery. National Postal Forum solidified this as the “next big thing” for marketers and communicators of all types. And now, you can specify additional images and links for every mailpiece going to a household that has enabled Informed Delivery. What does this mean for BCC Software… Read More

Guest Article: Mastering your CCM Automation

  By Matt Mahoney, Vice President of Sales at Racami If you want your operation to survive the next five-plus years, then you need to pursue comprehensive operational automation. I’m talking about both the digital and physical work that you do to produce and deliver customer communications. As a service provider, your operation is striving… Read More