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Accuracy is Key When it Comes to PAFs

As a NCOALink® Licensee, BCC Software would like to remind our customers of the importance of properly assigning the list ownership when submitting a NCOALink job. We are required to obtain a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) either electronically or in hard copy for every list owner. This information is included in the monthly NCOALink  reports, which is… Read More

Software Updates: What You Need to Know

With the switch to eFulfillment, more and more customers are beginning to sign up for electronic update notifications. This change has led to many inquiries about the different updates BCC Software provides, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible—know what various updates are provided, what they do, where to get them,… Read More

PCOA Now Available Through DMS Wizard

While thousands of American individuals and families move every day, only 60 percent of these moves are reported to the USPS. So, what about the other 40 percent? BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) tool is now available through the Data Marketing Services Wizard on BCC Mail Manager. PCOA is an excellent… Read More

Greater Charlotte PCC Awarded the PCC of the Year Large Market Award

The Greater Charlotte PCC has been awarded the PCC of the Year Large Market award by the United States Postal Service. The organization has been recognized by engaging and communicating with members through captivating events, educational seminars and their interactive website. The PCC works diligently to recruit new members, and they host an annual Carolina… Read More

Automation Maximized

With BCC Mail Manager™ technology, you have the mailing and presort software you need to enhance your operation’s efficiency and take advantage of postal discounts. Now, it’s time for automation. Job Manager, a BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ option, is the next step in maximizing your automation efforts. This hot folder application ties into existing… Read More

Guest Article: Changing the Game Increases Response Rates

By Adam Armstrong, Uluro Twenty years ago, there were only two ways to communicate with someone you could not see in-person: you made a telephone call, or you mailed a letter or postcard. Yet today, even as digital technology fostered the most connected society in human history, it created a swirling clutter of companies and… Read More