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Understanding Document Accessibility

This is a guest article from Crawford Technologies, a valued BCC Software partner.  When you think of accessibility, it’s often in the context of physical access, like providing ramps, elevators, and other accommodations to ensure that people with physical disabilities don’t face discrimination. But what about accessibility when it comes to documents? All consumers receive… Read More

Automating Your Workflow Part 2: TaskMaster Configuration Files

In continuation of the discussion of TaskMaster™, the comprehensive automation tool for BCC Mail Manager™, this article will focus on configuration files. Configuration files allow more complex set ups than are readily available only within the script. There are three mail files – the Destination Settings file, the Batch file, and the Manifest file. All three… Read More

How is your TrayMate Holding Up?

With the new year here and in full swing, it may be time to check your old TrayMate to see if it’s time for an upgrade. Ethernet and Windows 10 compatible, the TrayMate 4 is ideal for any space-conscious mailroom by allowing multiple connections. With the ability to efficiently print tags using thermal technology, the… Read More