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A Few Changes and Tips from the Data Marketing Services Team

Our Data Marketing Services (DMS) team has a few updates we want to share with our customers. DMS payment options Beginning with BCC Mail Manager™, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™, and BCC Mail Manager LE™ Version, credit card is no longer available as a payment option within the Data Services Wizard. We removed this… Read More

Discontinuation of Certain Tag Stock Products

Beginning March 1, 2018, BCC Software will cease stocking certain tag products or shipping quantities that are in very low demand. Tags that will be discontinued are: All sack tags (1” White and Pink) Rolled Fanfold Laser 2” Pink Pre-Perfed Continuous Roll Quantities that will be discontinued: Boxes of 2” White Fanfold (Cases and Cartons… Read More

Upgraded Digital Signature on Several BCC Software Products

As part of our move to electronic fulfillment, or eFulfillment, of all products, BCC Software is pleased to announce we have upgraded the digital signature used in the BCC Software digital downloads you receive for most Windows based products. What is a digital signature? Wikipedia offers a somewhat plain-English definition: “Code signing is the process… Read More

It Pays to Play with Presort

The presorting process is essential, and it’s the first opportunity you have to get postage estimates for your mailing. With BCC Mail Manager™, you can add the comprehensive Package Services option, which allows you to sort and identify the best price option for your mailing, since presorting based strictly on the size will result in… Read More

Mail Class & Postal Terms Glossary

BCC Software is dedicated to educating our customers, so that they can stay informed and successful. Whether you’re looking for a refresher or training new employees, we’ve provided a mail class and postal terms glossary you can reference whenever needed. If you have any further questions or need clarification on anything, please contact Customer Support… Read More

Automating Your Workflow Part 3: Job Manager

Over the last two months we have focused on automation options available in BCC Mail Manager™. Specifically, we have discussed using TaskMaster™ in both BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service™. This tool has an amazing scope of use and a wide set of features for day-to-day automation. This month, we are going… Read More

High-Speed Inkjet Trends: Consumers Still Want Print in 2018

This is a guest article from Canon Solutions America.  Consumers are bombarded with thousands of promotional messages every day, including television and radio ads, direct mail, out-of-home advertising, social media, email, and digital banner ads. Today’s marketers are challenged with getting their messages out in a way that cuts through this clutter and encourages desired… Read More