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The White House Releases Report, Includes Proposal to Privatize the Postal Service

On June 21, the Executive Office of the President released a report entitled Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century: Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations. The centerpiece of this White House proposal is to combine the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor into a single agency. Along with other sweeping reforms intended to… Read More

USPS to Retire the Centralized Accounting Processing System (CAPS)

Please be advised that the USPS® recently issued the following Industry Alert that announced the retirement of the Centralized Accounting Processing System (CAPS), effective April 1, 2019: The Postal Service has launched a new payment processing platform called Enterprise Payment System (EPS). EPS supports multiple payment options, including mobile check deposit, offers more reporting features,… Read More

The House Reintroduces Postal Reform Bill

On June 14, House Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced postal reform legislation entitled The Postal Reform Act of 2018. The Bill, H.R. 6076, is very similar to the Postal Reform Bill, H.R. 756, introduced in January of 2017 by former Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). H.R. 6076, is co-sponsored by Representatives Steve Russell (R-OK), Dennis Ross… Read More

Direct Mail in the Age of Automation

This is a guest article from Canon Solutions America, a valued BCC Software partner. According to a study by Primir and Interquest completed in 2015 entitled Trends and Future of Direct Mail Through 2020, many printers anticipate continued growth in their direct mail volume in coming years. Some of the reasons for this include advances… Read More

Tech Tip: Utilizing PAF Management Filtering Options

Most of our NCOALink® customers are very familiar with the term PAF (Processing Acknowledgement Form), which is a required USPS® document for NCOALink processing. As an NCOALink licensee, BCC Software is expected to have a PAF on file for every List Owner and it must be renewed annually. With that said, BCC Software’s PAF Management… Read More

Issues Related to Microsoft 1803 Update and How to Resolve Them

To keep up with customer satisfaction, Microsoft has slowly been removing vulnerabilities in their operating systems and last year began the process of decommissioning an old messaging protocol called SMBv1. As of the Windows 10 version 1803, it has been all but eliminated from every supported Microsoft operating system. However, this has left some configurations… Read More

Renewing Subscriptions, Purchasing Credits, and More

Ever in a pinch to renew software? Do you find yourself needing to purchase prepaid credits at the last minute? Well, BCC Software has the solution for you. By utilizing our Customer Portal, you have the ability to renew software, options, or subscriptions, and access the Data Services (DS) Store to purchase prepaid credits. How… Read More

Tech Tip: The Shipping Services File

The Shipping Services file, used for IMPB submissions, has recently gone through several changes related to how it’s submitted. This has been widely documented and has gone smoothly for the most part. However, there has been a change to how it can be created, which has not been well documented, and why we are dedicating… Read More

President’s Task Force on the United States Postal System: An Update

Since we last reported in the May eBulletin, the President’s Task Force has been actively meeting with industry stakeholders. Gary Grippo, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Finance, U.S. Department of Treasury, is Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s designate and is leading the Task Force. Meetings have been held with many of the leading mailing organizations, including… Read More

Address Change Service (ACS) Billing Errors

Please be advised that the USPS® recently issued the following Industry Alert that affects Address Change Service (ACS) customers: “ACS customers please be advised that USPS has identified a discrepancy in the invoices that were produced for the April and May billing cycles.  We are requesting that you DO NOT pay the invoices for either… Read More

Combining Workflow Management and Postal Optimization: A Case Study

This is a guest article from Solimar Systems, a valued BCC Software partner. The print and mailing industry is a complex one, complete with differing environments, processes, and workflows. But one thing is consistent – the need to reduce costs, save time, and create efficient workflows is a goal across all companies. It is something… Read More

Nominees to the USPS Board of Governors: An Update

As reported in our May eBulletin, on April 18th the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee held a confirmation hearing for three nominees to the USPS® Board of Governors. Since that report, the Committee voted favorably (by unanimous voice vote) to send the nominations of David Williams and Robert M. Duncan to the full Senate.… Read More

BCC Software Launches Brand New GoData Website!

GoData™, BCC Software’s secure, state-of-the-art tool for data quality and list enhancement is now easier to use than ever before. New and improved, GoData is user-friendly, and offers innovative address standardization services, including Rooftop Geocoding, Proprietary Change of Address processing (PCOA), and List Suppression. Plus, GoData is an entirely self-service platform, meaning your free account… Read More

5 Things You Can Do Today to Save Money (and Your Budget)

BCC Software understands the reality that companies need to stick to strategic plans and face budgetary concerns, because our internal departments face it as well. Which is why we have some suggestions on how you can maximize your mailing dollars now and in the future. Here are five easy ways your company can take advantage… Read More