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Postal Industry Updates: October 2020

Temporary Price Adjustment to Take Effect on October 18, 2020 After approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission, the temporary price adjustment that had been proposed to run through December 27, 2020 will go live on October 18. Support for the adjustment went live on PostalOne!® on October 4th. BCC Software is dedicated to ensuring our… Read More

BCC Software Introduces New Track N Trace™ Visualization Tools

For the unaware, Track N Trace from BCC Software enables users to gain visibility into the mailstream by leveraging USPS® Informed Visibility® technology, providing unmatched mailpiece intelligence and reporting. BCC Software has been improving the reporting aspect of the Track N Trace platform, recently introducing robust visualization tools to help mailers better understand where mailings… Read More

Beyond Compliance – The Fight Against UAA Mail

This article appeared in the October 2020 issue of NPSOA Magazine. A multi-billion piece problem year after year, Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail costs the USPS® over $1 billion annually – and it costs the mailing industry even more. However, the monetary cost is not the only issue at stake when it comes to UAA… Read More

Judge Rules on Election Mail as First-Class®

A federal judge recently ruled that the USPS® must treat all Election mail, regardless of class, as First-Class® Mail. This decision has upset many marketing mailers, as this means that regardless of the price paid to mail the piece, it will be treated the same. Several mailers state that if someone specifically wants this service… Read More

An Update on USPS® Performance Measurements

The USPS recently released information regarding 2020 performance measurements during September’s PCC week. Overall, PMG DeJoy maintained that service performance is stabilizing, and numbers are beginning to recover from the pandemic. He did recognize, however, that some of the changes he implemented to the supply chain when he was first appointed did influence numbers –… Read More

Senators Gillibrand and Sanders Propose New Bill

In mid-September, Sens. Kristen Gillibrand (NY) and Bernie Sanders (VT) reintroduced legislation aimed at amending Title 39, Section 404(a). Known as the “Postal Banking Act”, this bill would allow the USPS® to provide “certain basic financial services” in post offices including “low-cost, small-dollar loans not to exceed $500 at a time…” and “small checking accounts… Read More