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Postal Service Announces Delay of CASS™ Cycle O

At the beginning of April, the USPS® announced they are delaying the long-anticipated CASS Cycle O update. In their official announcement released on April 3rd, 2020 they state that “in order to fully support the mailing industry response to the current National Emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the Postal Service has determined that the CASS… Read More

The Importance of Informed Delivery® for Non-Profit Mailers

Over the past few years, Informed Delivery® has become a proven tool for marketing mailers. However, while much of the current Informed Delivery data focuses on for-profit mailings, it has also turned out to be a powerful tool for Non-Profit Mailers as well. At BCC Software, we had the opportunity to speak directly with one… Read More