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Software Enabled Workshare Opportunities

The Postal Service™ is enduring unprecedented losses in mail volume. This, combined with the prefunding of retiree healthcare, has the USPS® facing a projected loss of over $7 billion this year. With such unimaginable numbers, it’s no wonder everyone is searching for cost-cutting solutions, including calling into question the elimination of workshare discounts. Imagining the… Read: Software Enabled Workshare Opportunities »

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

There is much at stake today in address quality. Postage discounts, timely delivery, and customer response are all directly tied to the upfront investment in address quality. Unfortunately, so much emphasis has been placed on the penalties of poor address quality that the overall benefits of keeping an address complete, correct, and current is getting… Read: The Best Defense is a Good Offense »

Software’s Role in Intelligent Mail

The criticality of software in the mailing industry is well-established. Postage discounts are predicated on the use of CASS™– and PAVE™-certified software. The same can be said for the Intelligent Mail® barcode, or the IM®BC, as it’s often referred to. The IM BC is the next generation in mail visibility and a new foundation for… Read: Software’s Role in Intelligent Mail »

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