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Logistics of 5-Day Delivery

The dire financial situation for the USPS is well documented and splashed across nearly every media channel: Declining mail volumes projected to bottom out at 150 billion pieces by 2020 … Rising costs per delivery point that exceed revenue attained … And a law that makes it nearly impossible to dynamically adjust their delivery network… Read: Logistics of 5-Day Delivery »

Decoding the Co’s

One of the most effective ways to simultaneously improve mail delivery and reduce postage is to commingle multiple mail pieces together. Although this concept is not at all new, the need for predictable and timely delivery has perhaps never been greater—while advancements in software technology and postage discount opportunities have provided mailers with more means… Read: Decoding the Co’s »

Addressing Move Update Compliance

With this New Year and new decade comes a new opportunity to explore software-enabled growth in mailing. Recently, the Postmaster General announced that there will be no rate increases for market dominant USPS products in 2010. That is great news for the mailing industry. However, in order for the USPS to meet their financial goals… Read: Addressing Move Update Compliance »

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