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Postal Changes Happening in January and How They Can Affect Your Company

This article was featured in Mailing Systems Technology in February 2018.  2018 is bringing with it many changes in the postal industry. As always, BCC Software is on top of these changes and is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are not only ready for the year ahead, but compliant and pointed toward success. So,… Read More

It’s Time to Talk About Millennials and Direct Mail

Professionals often sneer at the word “millennial,” but the reality is that this generation is powerful when it comes to business—they will make up the majority of the workforce and consumer groups by the year 2020. Millennials range from ages 20-36—they are buying houses and renting apartments, purchasing cars, getting married, growing families, and taking… Read More

Top 3 Industry Prophecies for 2018

It’s important to get your company prepared for 2018 and the changes that lie ahead. With technological innovations, legislative challenges, and new generations of workers all on the rise, it’s needless to say that change is coming. However, change can also mean opportunities to grow your business and improve the value of direct communication. Here… Read More