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Time for a New Transformation Plan

In 2005, Postmaster John Potter presented the 2005–2010 Transformation Plan for the USPS. At the time, Intelligent Mail barcodes were still just being considered, List Certification was an emerging concept, and reducing Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail was a major challenge to the industry. Here we are now, beginning to wrap up 2011, and yet… Read: Time for a New Transformation Plan »

Growing Mail Volume with EDDM

Despite its dire financial situation, the USPS is still actively seeking new ways to grow mail volume. One area that the Postal Service is focusing on is enticing more advertisers to use direct mail. The Postmaster General announced at the National Postal Forum that 75% of advertisers don’t use direct mail as part of their… Read: Growing Mail Volume with EDDM »

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