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Charge Up Your Business With BCC Software at the 2014 Bridge Conference

2014 Bridge Conference (July 9-11, 2014)– BCC Software will be exhibiting at the 2014 Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference show located at Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center place in National Harbor, MD. Showcasing solutions that can charge up your internet retail programs; such as Go Data. Go Data provides easy to use, self-service data correction and enhancement tools to help you… Read More

Coffey Communications Transitions to BCC Mail Manager Full Service

BCC Software, a leading provider of postal and data quality tools, announced that Coffey Communications, a leading provider of content marketing solutions for hospitals and health plans across the country, has implemented BCC Mail Manager™ Full Service to provide comprehensive mail-processing services for its growing customer base. “What we like best about BCC Mail Manager… Read More

Deputy Postmaster General Visits Bell and Howell

Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman (center) visited the Bell and Howell booth at National PCC Day in Atlanta today. He stuck around to watch a JETVision demo along with several other participants at today’s show.  Photo also includes Paul Wiseheart, DSM (left) and Bell and Howell’s Charles Dunlop III (right).

Delivering Cheer – The USPS and Alcohol Delivery

The landscape for shipping Alcohol directly to consumers has changed a great deal in the last 25 years.    In the 90’s, alcohol shipment was generally not allowed under both state laws and the Webb-Kenyon act. Through legislation, ATF rulings, and the “21st Amendment Enforcement Act” the rules and regulations on the shipment of alcohol have… Read More

Doorstep Delivery in Danger?

Changes seem to always be afoot with the USPS.  You may remember in my last blog post (5-day delivery back in the news!)  we discussed the changes in the delivery schedule for the USPS.  The USPS seems to be going an additional step to try and drive down the delivery costs that contribute to the… Read More

Bell and Howell Participates in J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Congratulations to the Bell and Howell associates that participated and volunteered for the 2013 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge that took place in Rochester, NY on May 21, 2013!  Attendees enjoyed the run/walk and the festivities after the race. This event draws over 11,000 attendees from 460 companies in the Rochester area and is becoming a… Read More

Saturday Delivery Stays!

We are thrilled to hear that Direct Mail’s marketing punch and importance to business is causing real discussion in Washington. 6 Day delivery remains in effect for the near future; so you can help your customers reach audiences when they are most available and attentive. Here is the actual statement from the USPS:

Support for Intelligent Mail? Yes, It’s In There

Once again, the United States Postal Service is back to requiring Intelligent Mail® barcodes, and this time, it is drawing two lines in the sand. The first is the retirement of the POSTNET™ barcode and the requirement of the basic Intelligent Mail barcode in January 2012. Simply put, if you do not have an Intelligent… Read More

Finding Relevance in the Mailbox

Standard Mail is the dominant class of mail by volume  for deliv­ery by the  United  States  Postal Service. According  to the 2010 Household Diary  Survey, 22% of mail received by households was Standard  Mail  in  envelopes. The  next  highest  was  17% consisting of fliers  and circulars, followed by what  used  to be the largest group:… Read More

Great news in the Federal Register published October 17, 2012

Full Service Mail is coming! The USPS® published this federal register to the PRC last week, and while it introduced new requirements, it also announces quite a few good things coming to mailers. The biggest item in the release is certainly the announcement that Full Service Intelligent Mail® will be required for automation prices starting… Read More

Time for a New Transformation Plan

In 2005, Postmaster John Potter presented the 2005–2010 Transformation Plan for the USPS. At the time, Intelligent Mail barcodes were still just being considered, List Certification was an emerging concept, and reducing Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail was a major challenge to the industry. Here we are now, beginning to wrap up 2011, and yet… Read More

Growing Mail Volume with EDDM

Despite its dire financial situation, the USPS is still actively seeking new ways to grow mail volume. One area that the Postal Service is focusing on is enticing more advertisers to use direct mail. The Postmaster General announced at the National Postal Forum that 75% of advertisers don’t use direct mail as part of their… Read More

What Can We Expect From the 2012 Rate Adjustments? Part III

My two previous posts discussed the expected and unexpected elements to the 2012 Consumer Pricing Index increase. Now I would like explain how I think this may affect you and how Bell and Howell will help you through these changes. What All of This Means to Our Customers In the end, the adjustments in any… Read More

What Can We Expect From the 2012 Rate Adjustments? Part II

In my previous post I discussed some of the expected elements to the 2012 Consumer Price Index increase. In this post, I will discuss some of the elements I did not expect. The Unexpected There was one important element to the rate adjustment proposal that was very welcomed, and that is the Second Ounce Free… Read More

What Can We Expect From the 2012 Rate Adjustments?

On October 18, the USPS issued the anticipated filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for rate adjustments to market dominant mail and services that, if approved, will take effect on January 22, 2012. This filing calls for a standard Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, and includes elements that I expected and others that I… Read More

What Can We Expect From the 2012 Rate Adjustments? Part I

On October 18, the USPS® issued the anticipated filing with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for rate adjustments to market dominant mail and services that will take effect on January 22, 2012. This filing calls for a standard Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase, and includes elements that I expected, and others that I did not.… Read More

What Should the USPS Do?

The Wall Street Journal wants to know what you think the Postal Service™ should do to solve their financial problems. A great discussion is underway. See what people have to say and vote in the poll here:

The New Hometown Post Office

Ever since the U.S. Postal Service® announced in January that 1,400 offices were under review for potential closing, both industry professionals and citizens in affected areas alike have questioned what options will be available to people whose Post Offices™ are closed. On Tuesday, the Postmaster General announced a proposed plan, the Village Post Office, that… Read More

CASS Cycle N SuiteLink Requirement Amended

The USPS® has announced an amendment to the CASS™ Cycle N SuiteLink® requirement. Originally, the Postal Service stated that in order to qualify for an automation price, addresses printed on each mailpiece must include the suite information provided by SuiteLink. This requirement has been adjusted to make it easier for mailers to receive automation discounts.… Read More

New Deputy Postmaster General Named

Ronald A. Stroman will take office as Deputy Postmaster General on April 4.  Stroman will lead many important initiatives aimed at resolving the Postal Service’s financial difficulties, including restructuring the retiree health benefit prefund, adjusting delivery frequency, and more. Click here to read more about Stroman’s appointment.

USPS Reaches Deal with Largest Union

The Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) have reached a tentative agreement that will provide workers with a 3.5% pay increase over 4 1/2 years, while steadily increasing the percentage that union members must contribute toward health insurance plans.  This deal also stipulates that career employees hired before November 2010 cannot be… Read More

Levels of Increase Not Seen in 5 – 6 Years

In January, the Winterberry Group, an advertising and marketing consultancy, released a report highlighting growth and trends of marketing communication channels. If you didn’t get a chance to review the report in January, take some time now to review one of the latest articles from DM News, Marketers’ secret weapon: direct mail, that reiterates the… Read More

Senator Susan M. Collins Requests Audit

Upon a request led by Senator Susan M. Collins, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will conduct a review to determine the effects USPS Compliance Rules have on business mailers. Per the OIG’s website, they will “focus on recent and planned changes to compliance rules related to Intelligent Mail, Mail Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument,… Read More

USPS changes, data-rich IMb mean opportunity for mailers — Part 3 of 3

Today, many transactional mailers – particularly larger ones who have legacy IT systems – rely upon presorters to assign their barcodes and meet Move Update requirements. We see a trend toward more mailers getting control of their legacy data, assigning barcodes pre-print and then using the uniqueness of the IMb to bring transparency to the… Read More

USPS changes, data-rich IMb mean opportunity for mailers — Part 2 of 3

Operationally, receiving data in advance of the ZIP codes that are to be sorted and creating “one pass” sort schemes is highly recommended to maximize operational efficiency. Further, a business model that involves sorting only non-5-digit qualifying (or “residual”) mail is smart business since it only makes sense to commingle mail that adds value to… Read More

USPS changes, data-rich IMb mean opportunity for mailers — Part 1 of 3

The idea of business prosperity seems somewhat fleeting during the past 30 months and certainly many of us have dealt with more than our fair share of adversity recently. We have seen unprecedented declines in transactional mail volumes and accelerated migration to electronic and other forms of communications. At the same time, the USPS has… Read More

2011 Brings About Restructuring Within the USPS

Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe today announced a number of changes to the structure of the USPS.  These changes include a 16 percent reduction to officer ranks, realigning revenue-generating business units, and closing an Area office. The official press release regarding these changes says that the key business goals that the USPS is focusing on… Read More

Delayed: Full-Service eDoc Postage Corrections

MTAC Co-Chair Steve Kearney announced on Friday that Full-Service eDoc postage corrections have been delayed from the planned implementation date of January 2, 2011. This delay will give mailers more time to use the new PostalOne!® Full-Service Error report to review the quality of their submissions, identify jobs with errors, and calculate the correct postage.… Read More

Full Service IMb: One Mailer’s Experience

Here’s a case of a mailer and its clients reaping the benefits of the Full Service Intelligent Mail barcode. While the postage rate discount isn’t enormous, they’re enjoying benefits such as improved delivery, reduced cycle times and more precise tracking. As a mailer, the Full Service IMb can be another tool in your toolkit to… Read More

‘Tis the Season to Send Mail

With the holiday season upon us, the Postal Service is once again dealing with heavy mail volumes. Yesterday was the second busiest mailing day of the year, and next Monday is destined to be the busiest. Of course, as a mailer, it’s critical that you’re getting your mailings into the system early given the significant… Read More

Spoilage / Shortage Reporting and Postage Reconciliation

The Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) has formed a Work Group focused on identifying the business needs for reporting piece spoilages or shortages occurring within business mailings using either hard copy or electronic postage payment processes. As one of the industry co-chairs for the Work Group, I’d appreciate your feedback. The Guide to Intelligent Mail… Read More

Resurrecting Pieces of the Exigent Filing

As most of you have heard, the USPS® filed an appeal for the exigent rate filing…but they are not in a “wait and see” holding pattern. In a recent filing, the USPS asked what Consumer Price Index (CPI) is available; this indicates that discussions are occurring regarding a price increase. A Postcom update noted that… Read More

2011 Nine-Digit MID Requirements

Earlier this year, the USPS® announced a new mailer identification (MID) requirement that will take effect on January 31, 2011. This requirement states that nine-digit MIDs used for Confirmation Services and Electronic Verification Systems (eVS®) must begin with the number 9. Due to this new requirement, a six-digit MID can only start with 0-8, with… Read More

USPS: A Brand that Delivers

iPod. Honda. Google. Lexus. The United States Postal Service. One of those things is not like the other, you say? Think again. In a survey conducted by NewMediaMetrics, the USPS edged into the top 15 brands – alongside those other familiar names, and more – to which customers are most emotionally attached. It’s not hard… Read More

USPS Exigency Rate Case Rejected

The Postal Rate Commission (PRC) ruled this morning that the USPS has failed to meet its burden under the law for its controversial exigency filing. The PRC was unanimous in denying the request for an exigent rate increase. The ruling rejected the filing in its entirety. (Read the official announcement here.) To be valid, an… Read More

National PCC Day: Postmaster General Discusses New Initiatives

Postmaster General John Potter gave his annual state of the business address at the National PCC Day event in Portland, OR, on September 15th. While the Postal Service™ cut spending by $6 billion in 2009, it is estimated that if current practices and procedures remain in place, that the USPS® will suffer a net loss… Read More

FAST and the IMb

At a recent FAST® User Group meeting, the USPS® shared some interesting statistics regarding the number of FAST messages their systems are processing on a weekly basis. For the week of July 11th, roughly 40,000 messages were processed. Since then, the weekly numbers have skyrocketed, with an average of 125,000 messages being processed each week.… Read More

What Is Mailpiece Tracking Worth? Ask Upstate NY Retirees

We’ve all heard of mailings falling into a black hole, but does this really happen? It does, and here’s how. You’ve got your mailing all set. You’ve encoded and presorted your list, you’ve even made sure all of your addresses meet USPS Move Update standards, and you send this perfectly prepared mailing on its way.… Read More

MTAC Innovation Symposium: The Future of Mailing

The USPS is in the process of implementing its plan to improve revenue, with the hope that Congress will enact changes that will provide the USPS with the capacity to realize strategic growth and make the necessary responses to current challenges. However, these steps alone are not enough. With that in mind, the Postmaster General… Read More

The “Exigency” Case and Real Postal Reform

Remember last year, when the Postal Service announced there would be no rate increases in 2010? The USPS has been as good as its word, but come January 2, 2011, rates will go up again – and how. That’s the forecast from last week’s “exigency” rate proposal, which includes a painful hike of 5 to… Read More

Postal Discounts Require Effort, Not ‘Deception’

In a recent piece posted in the PostCom Bulletin (and re-posted here), the president of the American Postal Workers Union shows a surprising lack of understanding about the use of barcodes to receive postal discounts. Upon learning that a laser printer in his office was capable of producing 9-digit barcodes for input addresses, he suggested… Read More

The USPS and Sarbanes-Oxley

I rarely engage in political discussions, but for Public Law 107-204—better known as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act—I’ll make an exception. The excessive burden placed by SOX on the Postal Service™ (and consequently on mailers) is just the latest example of a government “cure” that is worse than the disease. SOX was written with the seemingly noblest… Read More

MTAC Week – Address and Barcode Quality

John (Jack) Potter, the Postmaster General, opened up last week’s Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee meetings with a choice for the industry: improve address and barcode quality or lower expectations on service performance and measurement. A 30 percent tolerance for Intelligent Mail barcodes cannot support a 96% on-time delivery. Jack also noted that for the third… Read More

Intelligent Mail Discounts and BCC’s TEM Completion

The USPS® has invested millions of dollars in the Intelligent Mail® program to make it the barcode of the future, and for proactive mailers who have already adopted this new technology, the discounts for Full Service Intelligent Mail® Periodicals, First-Class™ and Standard Mail® jobs begin on No­vember 29. If you have been working on integrating… Read More