International Data Quality

Improve the value of your international mailings.

Increase your ROI on direct marketing campaigns targeted to consumers and businesses outside the United States. BCC Software offers two international data quality services: international address verification provides a single process to standardize and validate address data across hundreds of countries, and our Canadian NCOA and Presort services work to further maximize your Canadian mailings.

International Address Verification

While there are established rules and guidelines for ensuring quality for domestic addresses, managing international data can be very challenging. With different posts and addressing standards in each country, many organizations do little to nothing to measure or enhance the quality of their international contact data. BCC Software’s International Address Verification service gives you a single process to standardize and validate address data across more than 220 countries.




Address analysis

Our service analyzes and parses each address, and matches the address elements against the postal authority data for the destination country.

Address correction

If address elements are missing, misspelled, or incorrect, the service inserts or corrects the information, including postal codes.

Address formatting

The address is reconstructed to meet the formatting guidelines provided by each country’s postal authority.

Full country postal code databases

Our service uses full postal code databases directly from the source – the postal authorities of each country. These databases are modified regularly to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate.

Address quality codes

Every address is assigned a code that indicates the accuracy of the address, specifies whether or not the address could be corrected, and classifies the address as deliverable, undeliverable, or uncorrectable.

Integration point

BCC Software’s International Data Quality service is available through our LENS® Platform.

Canadian Services

With BCC Software’s Canadian Data Marketing Services, you can increase your ROI on direct marketing campaigns targeted to Canadian consumers and businesses. Our suite of data quality services keeps your addresses up-to-date and meets Canada Post requirements so that you can gain maximum savings.


Canadian NCOA

Canada Post estimates that 1.7 million individuals and businesses move each year within Canada. Keep your lists accurate and up-to-date and ensure that your mail reaches the intended recipient.



  • Improves deliverability
  • Increases response rates
  • Reduces undeliverable mail
  • Enhances data accuracy
  • Eliminates waste

Canadian Presort

Our services include LCP (Letter Carrier Presort) and NDG (National Distribution Guide) data presort services, offering mailers significant savings on postage rates. Our sortation service includes sequencing of your mail pieces to meet Canada Post’s requirements. We provide output data, bag/bundle tags, and all required documentation to ensure your mail is compliant.



  • Save up to 40% over Canada Post’s standard postage rate
  • Improved delivery schedules
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