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Software Updates: We won’t leave you hanging!

When you receive a BCC Mail Manager update disk, the process is usually the same: you pop in the disk, click your way through the prompts, and usually the installation completes without a hitch. Every once in a while, and not on every computer, when the update gets to the ‘BCC Mail Manager (FS) is configuring your installation’ step, it just stops. You wait patiently, expecting it to move on as usual, but it never does. What do you do now?

The quickest way to get on with the installation is to temporarily abort the installation by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard and then clicking ‘Start Task Manager’. Once the next window opens, displaying all of the currently running programs, click the BCC Mail Manager installation and then click ‘End Task’.

At this point you have two options:

  1. Close all unnecessary programs and try the installation again. Having more resources available can help run the installation without issue.
  2. Open BCC Mail Manager. It should open without issue. Click ‘Help > Web Update’ to confirm that you have the latest software version. If there is a web update available, download and install it. Finally, install the encoding data from within the software. This can be achieved by clicking ‘Postal > Install Data’.

As always, should you have additional challenges installing the software, please to do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at 1.800.624.5234.