Mail.dat Submission and Compliance Software

If you process Mail.dat® files, you need DAT-MAIL

DAT-MAIL’s Advanced Navigator helps mailers make the changes they need with minimal knowledge about Mail.dat

The key features include: (1) advanced automation without needing to be a coder, (2) complete integration to USPS PostalOne and MDR, and (3) quick, simple file edits to key Mail.dat fields.

DAT-MAIL Makes PostalOne! eDocs Quick and Easy

  • Workflow automation capabilities reduce labor costs by
    automating more
  • User interface makes editing quick and easy without any
    specialized Mail.dat knowledge
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute drop shipment processing
  • Integrates with wbSCAN™ for intelligent trailer loading and
    finished mail pallet inventory management
  • Generates comprehensive reports for production, distribution,
    customer service and accounting departments
  • Automated Mail.dat submission to PostalOne! and access to
    PostalWeb® for automated PostalOne! statement retrieval.
    Never has interacting with PostalOne! been so automated and

Create eDocs that Reflect What You are really Mailing

  • Manage partial mailings
  • Automated adjustment of eDoc for spoilage,
    shortages and “pulls”
  • Mailing date, piece weight, By/For, permit, entry
    point, payment method and other common
    changes can be made easily without Mail.dat
  • Easy to add sibling / remove trays (or pallets) if
    piece thickness in presort is incorrect
  • Use the barcode query screen to add sibling
    trays, reprint tray tags by scanning mailpieces
  • Includes utilities to merge and split Mail.dat files
  • Some functions require other modules

Compliance has never been easier

  • Warns of duplicate tray and pallet barcodes
    across all mailings
  • Verifies that the labeling list used in the presort
    is correct based on likely induction dates
  • Displays “By/For” info on every job and makes
    it easy to correct it or add it if missing
  • Integration with PostalWeb assures your eDoc
    makes it to PostalOne! and warns you if it does
  • Research undocumented pieces and
    containers with the Undocumented Piece Audit

Bundle your DAT-MAIL solution to meet your unique needs

DAT-MAIL Toolbox

  • Optimizes freight plans for single jobs or multiple jobs at the
    same time
  • Optimizes a job for a combination of copal and drop ship
  • Multi-carrier Trailer Manifesting allows easy trailer loading
    across jobs to consolidators, logistics carriers, even origin mail
  • Provides instant easy access to USPS drop ship facility data

Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD)

  • Easily select and analyze entry points for PMOD
  • Purchase PMOD postage using ePostage account right from
  • Quickly generate PMOD labels, tags, production and USPS

DAT-MAIL Palletization Module

  • Palletizes mail (trays/sacks on pallets) when presort
    programs cannot
  • Option for First-Class mailers to palletize based on a CSA
  • Supports internal co-palletization – do it yourself and save

wbScan and Multi-Carrier Trailer Manifesting

  • Easily manage trailer loading and finished mail pallet inventory
  • Multi-carrier trailer loading, manifesting and connectivity
  • Use network connected handheld, tablet and desktop
    computers to interact with your DAT-MAIL data in real time,
    right on the shop floor

Spoilage Management

  • Removes spoilage, shortages and “pulls” at the rates claimed by the presort for extra postage savings
  • Processes can be automated by using files created by most intelligent inserters
  • Allows use of IMb barcodes from spoiled pieces

Advanced Workflow Automation Manager (AWAM)™

  • Automates Mail.dat import process along with
    many post-import changes
  • Powerful tool for importing mail.dats and
    making updates / changes before or after
    importing file(s).
  • AWAM Post-Process is GREAT for tasks than
    can’t be done before the file is imported.
  • Can process multiple jobs concurrently
  • AWAM profiles can be managed by all DATMAIL users
Download the data sheet and learn more about DAT-MAIL™