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Survey Follow Up – How do you handle addresses without a ZIP+4 Match

Last month’s one question survey asked: “For advertising mail, how do you handle addresses that do not get a ZIP+4 match during the encoding process?” We’re grateful for the large response – this is clearly an important topic mailers think about on a regular basis. Many of you asked that we share the results:

Based on the comments offered in the response and those of you who took the time to reach out and share outside the survey, we wanted to offer a few other follow up resources:

    • Visit the customer forum for a peer discussion about how other businesses are addressing this very issue. Click here to go directly to the discussion.
    • Learn more about the impact of non-matched addresses on Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail with our free infographic: Download Now
    • Ready to resolve 30-50% (on average) of your non-matched addresses? Email marketing@bccsoftware.com for 50% off your first Address Resolution Service job with BCC Software.

The comments also offered some interesting insight that has prompted a follow up one question survey this month.

We appreciate your willingness to share your insight as we work together to deliver services that meet your business needs.