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USPS Officer Announcements

Per an Industry Alert issued by the USPS®  August 23, 2019

Postmaster General Megan Brennan has announced the following new officer roles, effective immediately:

Joshua D. Colin has been detailed to the position of Vice President, Processing and Maintenance, reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

Responsibilities of this position cover functions formerly under the Vice President, Network Operations, including Processing Operations, Maintenance Operations, Operations Integration and Support, and International Processing Operations.


A 33-year postal veteran with extensive experience in both operations and customer service, Josh has led the Eastern Area to increasing levels of service performance using data analytics and insights.


Angela Curtis will serve as the Acting Vice President, Area Operations, Eastern Area.  Angela will have responsibility for postal operations including mail processing and distribution, customer service and administrative operations.  Angela will oversee 35 processing and distribution centers, four national distribution centers and over 6,600 retail and delivery units.


A 26-year postal veteran, Angela is currently the Manager, Eastern Area Operations Support and has extensive experience in mail processing operations as a Plant Manager, District Manager, and in customer service roles including Manager Post Office Operations.


Robert Cintron has been appointed Vice President, Logistics.  This functional group combines Surface Logistics, Air Logistics, International Logistics, Systems Integration Support, Logistics Modeling and Analytics, and the Headquarters National Operations Control Center.


A 34-year veteran of the Postal Service, Robert has served as Vice President, Network Operations since May 2016.  Prior to that, as Vice President, Enterprise Analytics, he was responsible for innovations in technologies and tracking systems, including scanning, integration of network information visibility systems and data analytics.


Luke T. Grossmann has been named Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy. In his new role, Luke will be responsible for leading research, development, and implementation of strategy, financial planning, demand-forecasting, and economic analysis for the Postal Service. Luke will continue to report to Chief Financial Officer Joseph (Joe) Corbett.  He will also serve as a member of the Executive Leadership Team.


Since February 2016, Luke has served as Vice President, Finance and Planning and was responsible for leading the organization’s revenue and expense budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis, and program evaluation.