Bulk Mailer® SMB

Bulk Mailer SMB is BCC Software’s newest presort desktop software package to help your business save time and money by increasing mailing efficiency.


Bulk Mailer SMB provides industry-leading presort software that is powerful but easy to use, affordable, and makes mass mailing simple. Designed to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses, Bulk Mailer SMB is a complete solution focused on simplicity and ease of use. Built on the best expanded technology platform in the industry, Bulk Mailer SMB offers powerful technology with a simple, intuitive interface and is backed by the only team of 100% USPS® Mailpiece Design certified support professionals.

You don’t have to handle high-volume jobs every day to deserve the profit-boosting and productivity-enhancing features of Bulk Mailer SMB. With just a PC and Bulk Mailer SMB, you can presort mail jobs quickly and easily within a user-friendly interface.

High performance mail management with low-impact pricing

Bulk Mailer SMB pays for itself in record time with features that can greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency. Discover why Bulk Mailer SMB is the best solution for small to mid-size printers and mailers for professional quality presort power at a price a sole proprietor can afford. Simplify your mailings, increase deliverability, navigate complex postal regulations and achieve the lowest postage rates.

CASS™ Certified

Ensures the improvement of postal code accuracy, as well as delivery points and carrier route codes.

PAVE™ Certified

Approved by the USPS® and adhering to its Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards, so presorting is in full compliance with USPS regulations.

Data Marketing Services

Integrates with BCC Software’s in-house address correction services, for up-to-date lists and more efficient mailings. Includes 5 Million NCOALink® FSP records.

Postal Discounts

Save money with the lowest postage rates available for your lists of data, included right in the software.

Microsoft Excel Compatibility

Compatible with Microsoft Excel, one of the most common spreadsheet programs small and occasional mailers use.

Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™)

Easily create and presort your EDDM lists without having to purchase lists or use other software.

Personal Support

Class-leading, personal support. 100% of the support team are certified USPS Mailpiece Design Professionals.

Subscription Pricing

Affordable pricing makes it easier for new customers to start and for current customers to switch from their current solution at a lower cost.

How it works


Bulk Mailer SMB is compatible with many different file types.


Bulk Mailer SMB analyzes your data through a unique data hygiene process.


The software then prepares all mail for entry into the USPS mail stream.


All documentation is prepared for your mailing according to USPS standards.


After cleansing and presorting, documentation and labels ensure you send mailings with ease.

Track N Trace®

The robust Track N Trace service tracks your customer’s mailings for campaign measurement and ROI is available as an optional add-on.

Download the data sheet and learn more about Bulk Mailer® SMB