Suppression Services

Ensure your direct communication messages are reaching the right audience.

Expertly targeting your mailing lists is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Ensure your customers are getting their messages to the right audience. Sending messages to businesses instead of residences, or sending direct mail to a residence where the individual no longer lives there for one reason or another, wastes valuable time and money. If your customer has sent mail to a residence that has officially stated that they do not wish to receive marketing mail, it can create a bad brand image.

With BCC Software’s List Suppression Services, you can eliminate waste and increase ROI by suppressing out undesirable records before you even start marketing to them.

BCC Software offers robust suppression services

BCC Software offers three different list suppression options, all designed to help reduce waste and increase response rates.

DMA Suppression

DMA Suppression processing identifies individuals in your list(s) who have registered with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) to indicate that they do not wish to receive unsolicited mail.

Deceased Suppression

Deceased Suppression processing identifies deceased individuals in your list(s) using a database dating back 15 years and derived from Social Security Administration records.

Suppression Suite

If you are looking for more robust services, our Suppression Suite processing works to find records in your list(s) that match common suppression files, including Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service, Deceased, Prison, and Business.

Integration Points

Suppression Services is available through BCC Mail Manager™, LENS®, and GoData™.

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