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2024 Election Mail: Delivering Results with Data-Powered Campaigns

Start election season ahead of the curve! Learn from postal experts Chris Lien and Kim Waltz as they discuss best practices and new tools to navigate the challenges of election mail.


Get the Guide to Effective Election Mail in 2024

Uncover election mailing best practices and explore what’s changed since 2020

Discover new capabilities in data services and optimizing address quality

Ensure the 2024 election season drives maximal results for your customers, and your business

Ensure the success of every campaign with best-in-class data services and mailing software

Face the challenges of increasing mailing costs, evolving USPS® regulations, and ongoing competitive pressures with trusted solutions that help you deliver.

Get full-service data management and campaign execution solutions with BCC Software’s industry-leading suite of software and services

NCOALink® Services

Keep your address lists complete, correct, and current for less.

DSF2® Processing

Update and target your mailings.

Track N Trace®

Intelligent mailpiece tracking for a smarter and more effective business.

Suppression Services

Ensure your direct communication messages reach their targets.

Address Resolution Services

Make every residential address in your database valuable.


Find moves not reported to the USPS.

Relia-VoteTM by BlueCrest

Vote-by-mail ballot processing software

Blueprints for Success: Mastering the Art and Science of Election Communications

Insights from postal and data experts

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