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Track N Trace®

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Intelligent mailpiece tracking for a smarter and more effective business

Gain better visibility into the mailstream, so you and your customers can drive better performance across business operations. Track N Trace® uses USPS® Informed Visibility® technology to provide unbeatable mailpiece intelligence and reporting.

      • Predictability — Pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated marketing efforts
      • Accountability — Keep tabs on postal performance, and be a watchdog for your clients
      • Visibility —Give your mailstream an “open book” to plan mailing jobs for optimum results
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Add-On: Custom MID

With the “TNT Custom MIDs” option, you can use your own MID for IV-based mail piece tracking, giving you more control of your mailing in a end-to-end workflow.

Key Benefits

Monitoring the progress of your outbound mailings helps you improve delivery effectiveness and timing. Monitoring your inbound mailings gives you notice of incoming Business Reply mail so you can optimize your operations and predict cash flow. Mailpiece tracking drives better mailing performance overall. Why wait? Let Track N Trace give you total visibility into your mailing effectiveness.

    • Monitor the progress of your mailpiece
    • Provides exact timing of delivery
    • Identify weak links in the delivery chain
    • Predict mailstream patterns for future jobs
    • Form real conclusions based on concrete data
    • Predict cash flow with more certainty
    • Plan collection efforts
    • Streamline inventory management
    • Mailer can drill down to single-origin mailpiece
    • Track return mail-in ballots to ensure guidelines are met
    • Improve customer experience and more
    • Offers 22 comprehensive reports that sort information by:
    • Date, NDC, SCF, State, and 5 Digit Zip
    • View reports on our secure website or schedule them
      for download or email delivery
    • Use a variety of output formats for reporting flexibility
    • Drill down for more detail into mailpiece pathways
    • Customize reports – export data into your favorite reporting tool
    • Updated USPS scan data is posted multiple times daily 
    • Offers secure end-user access to essential delivery data
    • Updated file encryption keeps information secure when transferring data from BCC Mail Manager™ to TNT

Enhance predictability, accountability, and visibility of mailings

Adding outbound and inbound mail piece tracking integrates easily into any direct mailing workflow, and our customizable reporting can be run at any time or schedule. Learn more about the power of Track N Trace.

Track N Trace collects step-by-step delivery information from postal facilities on your outbound mailpieces’ delivery path.

Use TNT Origin Confirm to improve the predictability of inbound business reply mailpieces for your First-Class Mail™.

Use TNT Origin Confirm to improve the predictability of inbound business reply mailpieces for your First-Class Mail™.

The Track N Trace service is available to any mailer via file upload, or through direct integration with our BCC Software family of products: BCC Mail Manager™, BCC Bulk Mailer®, BCC Architect, and BCC Ignite.

Become a Track N Trace reseller with a branded website that allows you to provide mail-tracking functionality directly to your customers.

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Track and trace the success of your direct mail campaigns with Track-n-Trace, BCC Software's comprehensive tracking service

From initial drop to final delivery, Track-n-Trace provides real-time visibility into your mailings.

Click the link below to discover how Track-n-Trace can empower you with actionable data, improve ROI, and elevate the impact of your direct mail campaigns. Experience the power of BCC Software's Track-n-Trace and track your way to marketing success!
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