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Mail Quality Monitoring Service: Your USPS® Mailer Scorecard made easy


      • Your Mailer Scorecard emailed straight to your inbox every day
      • Includes detailed reports with links
      • At-A-Glance® alerts

Key Benefits

eDoc Submitter sample report

Single View to see all the details on the mailer scorecard in a PDF. Allows you to get a day-by-day report to look back at for research. Great way to see the changes each day without having to save data to an excel spreadsheet.

Sample eInduction mailer summary report

Quick View to see the status of eInduction container status, errors, and warnings.

At-A-Glance alert options

Quick View to see assessment status: Green=Good, Yellow=Close to Threshold, Red= Over Threshold. Allows a quick view daily in email to see if more research and follow up work is needed.

Scorecard Result

Sample email with file attachments containing detailed reports—to help you avoid costly assessments and errors.

Unlock the potential of your customer data with YourScore

Experience the transformative power of BCC Software's YourScore today!

Our team of experts will analyze your data and provide you with a comprehensive scorecard, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.
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