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Find moves not reported to the USPS

Ensure your lists are as complete, correct, and current as possible. Millions of Americans move every year, but 40% of those movers never file a change of address notification with the USPS®. BCC Software’s Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA) master database contains information about moves from multiple sources like magazine subscriptions, and credit card, and utility companies. Our services compare your list to this database. For every match, you’re provided the new address along with a variety of supplemental data.

Gain best-in-class database resources

Simply upload your list through an integration point — BCC Mail Manager™, and LENS — and we immediately begin matching your list against our database spanning back 60 months and return your updated file usually within minutes.

For each record that matches, we provide the complete and standardized new mailing address for you to use in updating your records.

Our PCOA process goes beyond providing just the new address. It also provides information about the move itself to give you insight critical to data decision making, such as the type and date of the move, a move confidence level, and recommended action suggestion.

Our convenient pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to simply upload your list and pay for only the records you process. The more records in your list, the less we charge per record.

PCOA is available through BCC Mail Manager™, and LENS®.

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