Address Resolution Service

Make every residential address in your database valuable.

Put bad addresses to good use with BCC Software’s Address Resolution Services (ARS). USPS® CASS™ and DPV® processing are essential tools for reducing undeliverable mail and increasing a mailpiece’s delivery rate, and now, addresses labeled “broken” by CASS and DPV can be repaired and returned to a mailing list for prompt and efficient delivery. Address Resolution Service from BCC Software will do this advanced detective work for you and correct address data deemed undeliverable.

Gain best-in-class database resources

Using the Data Marketing Services wizard within BCC Mail Manager™, it’s simple to electronically submit undeliverable records for ARS processing.


Address correction resources

Compares submitted names and addresses to a wide variety of private database sources to repair incorrect or incomplete records.

CASS report

Ensures mailpieces sent to corrected addresses will receive the discounted postage rates they deserve.

Pricing schedule

Provides scalable savings, so the more processing you purchase, the lower your processing rates.

Apartment append

Finds and appends missing apartment or suite number details.

Secure job submission

Safeguards your information with easy and secure electronic job submission and retrieval from within any BCC Mail Manager product.

Integration Points

Address Resolution Service is available through BCC Mail Manager™, and LENS®.

Download the data sheet and learn more about Address Resolution Service