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Data Marketing Services

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Ensure the success of every marketing campaign with complete, correct, and current data solutions

With mailing costs, USPS® regulations, and pressure from competitors all on the rise, you need a trusted provider to deliver complete Move Update technology, list-enhancing tools, and more—with fast turnarounds that won’t impede your productivity, and low rates that pay for themselves quickly.

Get full-service data management and campaign execution solutions that leverage BCC Software’s industry-leading address quality offerings.

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NCOALink® Services

Keep your address lists complete, correct, and current for less.

DSF2® Processing

Update and target your mailings.

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Track N Trace®

Intelligent mailpiece tracking for a smarter and more effective business.

Suppression Services

Ensure your direct communication messages reach their targets.

Rooftop Geocoding

Target your marketing efforts with greater precision.

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Mail Quality Monitoring Service. Your USPS® Mailer Scorecard made easy.


More value for you, better results for your customers.


Find moves not reported to the USPS.

DPV Processing

Boost every mailpiece delivery rate.

Canadian Services

Improve the value of your international mailings.

Address Resolution Service

Make every residential address in your database valuable.

ZIPFOURce Web Service™

Hosted Transactional Address Quality Platform

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Aim your marketing dollars at the most lucrative segments and get the message, channel, and timing right to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Old data is bad data. Keep your data complete, correct, and current for increased response rates and reduced waste.

Ensure a single view of your prospect or customer. Eliminate waste and lower the cost of communications.

Create channel-specific personalization, take advantage of suppression, and establish channel efficiencies.

Gain visibility into which communications are hitting their intended targets and understand which marketing dollars are generating the highest ROI and where to spend them next.

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