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Five Actions to Address Strategic Postal Systems Changes

Doing nothing about upcoming postal changes is not an option. Our new eBook, “Five Actions to Address Strategic Postal Systems Changes” gives you an easy-to-follow five-point plan to Do Something! to adapt to the Delivering For America (DFA) plan. Do Something! now to ensure your future.

Do Something Infographic Preview

Do Something! Infographic

The DFA plan is the USPS® response to do something to ensure future growth. You can proactively address these strategic postal changes by using BCC Software’s roadmap of five Do Something! Actions.

Guide to Effective Election Mail

Maximize the results of your election mail with our new eBook,Guide to Effective Election Mail.” Learn about election mailings, the role that direct mail plays during election season, the importance of address quality for election mail, and understand the lasting impact of election season for your business.

Overcoming 6 Common Challenges to Achieving Valuable Postage Savings

Overcome six of the most common challenges to achieving postal discounts with our new eBook, “Overcoming 6 Common Challenges to Achieving Valuable Postage Savings.” Learn how to overcome challenges and stop leaving savings on the table.

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