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Built by BCC Software, the industry leader in mailing software, Integratec's three-module toolkit includes:

ESSENTIALS: The foundation of the toolkit, this module handles basic functionality such as data import/export, data modification, and indexing.

PRESORT: The money-saving module, Presort handles all presort capabilities, including ordering of records, rate qualifications, and groupings.

REPORTING: Gain insights and time with this module, which delivers documentation and labels required to finalize your presort and induct mail into the USPS mail stream.

Take advantage of everything a better presort software solution can do for your business. 

To learn more, download the product datasheet below!

Here's what our customers say:

“Integratec lives up to BCC Software’s reputation for flexible, high quality solutions backed by outstanding support. I’ve already seen the potential for impressive time savings in my operation and am looking forward to fully realizing all the benefits of the Integratec platform.”

– Paul Naylor, CFO of Salt Lake Mailing & Printing

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