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BCC Software is always on the lookout for motivated talent to add to our team. As the leader in the continuously changing postal and data quality industry, we're seeking creative and flexible people that are ready to help shape the future. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth and advancement.


BCC Software is an established, Rochester, NY-based company with a track record of success. We power thousands of company’s outreach efforts with our innovative solutions that improve nearly 40 billion of the direct communications pieces sent in the U.S. each year.

We’re looking for passionate people to join our team and contribute to building our vision for the future of the industry. If you’re a talented professional looking for the freedom to solve the challenges of tomorrow while enjoying the security that a successful, 40-year-old company can provide, we would love to invite you over to our office for a chat.

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Director of Software Engineering

The Director of Software Engineering is responsible for the leadership and performance of the BCC Software development group including software engineering, quality assurance, and technical documentation. The Director ensures that business priorities are being advanced and Engineering resources are available to meet the company’s objectives. The Director’s primary goal is to ensure a productive engineering team that can deliver on the product roadmap in a timely fashion. This person will also be responsible for making major design decisions, enforcing coding standards, and owning the quality of the final solutions.

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Product Manager

Product Managers at BCC Software are responsible for one or more products and related services that form or support a defined line of business. This extends from increasing the profitability of existing products to developing new products for the company.

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Software Engineer I

Software Engineers assist in the implementation, support, and maintenance of source code for a software application or a subsystem of an application under the supervision of a mentor. Performs analysis of input and output data along with reports to ensure features and functionality are working correctly based on product requirements and design. Works with Quality Control, Documentation, and Customer Support under supervision to answer questions and issues concerning product functionality.

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Test Engineer II

Performs the planning, development, and execution of software product testing to verify the stability and use-ability of the product.  Activities include the design and creation of test plans along with the construction of test cases and corresponding test procedures.  Performs research and product analysis of input and output to verify that features and functionality are performing according to requirements and customer expectations.  Works with Product Management, Software Engineers, Documentation, and Customer Support to resolve product functionality questions and issues. Capable of working productively with limited supervision.

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Test Engineer II-Automation Specialist

Performs the planning, development, and execution of automated product testing to verify the stability and usability of the product.  Activities include the development and maintenance of a standardized test automation framework. Work with the Quality Team to integrate manual tests into a centralized automation system.  Performs research and analysis on current testing methods to improve and automate those methods. Works with Software Engineering teams to address testing considerations and issues. Capable of working productively with limited supervision.  

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Senior Software Engineer

This full stack developer is part of an Agile team in which they are expected to use their engineering skills to architect, design, prototype, code, test and document our technology and product offerings. As an Agile team member, this person will be passionately engaged, take ownership of their work, and collaborate with their team members to get the job done. They will continuously learn and grow their skills and their team’s by taking on a leadership role in technology and process advancement through mentoring others.

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