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Address Management and Mail Preparation for Canada Post Mailings

BCC Architect Canada is a suite of SERP recognized software – (PostalCode Agent, Batch Agent, and SORT Agent) – that dramatically increases address accuracy by validating address data against the Canada Post database and provides postal presorting routines within your existing systems. Correct addresses at the point of entry and eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of importing and exporting data between applications.

      • Increase address accuracy by validating address data against the Canada Post database
      • Correct single addresses during data entry or batches of addresses in databases
      • Decrease returned mail and drive deeper postal discounts
      • Postal Presorting for Canada Post mailings
      • Streamline mail preparation and submission processes
      • Qualify for Canada Post’s accuracy-based postal discounts
      • Seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications and programming environments
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Key Benefits

Save money, save valuable time, and increase your ROI on volume mailings.

Improve address quality and lower costs on volume mailings

BCC Architect Canada performs important mail preparation steps, from vital presort functions to advanced data quality, to help you save valuable time and money.

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A data entry tool that immediately corrects addresses to match the Address Accuracy standards from Canada Post and reduces the costs of poor address quality.

A SERP recognized address validation tool that cleans entire databases or mailing lists.

A mail preparation tool that streamlines the presortation process and prints the required mailing reports, slips and labels.

A key feature of the POSTALCODE Agent that allows users to quickly search the Canada Post database to find and correct address.

SERP recognized software increases your database’s accuracy. POSTALCODE Agent validates individual addresses, and BATCH Agent ensures your next high- or low-density (Personalized Mail, Dimensional Personalized Mail or Publications Mail) mailing will meet the 95% Address Accuracy program requirements.

POSTALCODE Agent catches incorrect addresses upon entry and BATCH Agent validates your entire database to dramatically reduce the amount of returned mail. Keep wasted literature and postage to­ a minimum, plus avoid high parcel return fees.

Reduce address correction fees that shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS) automatically charge for incomplete addresses.

SORT Agent makes it easy to navigate complicated Canada Post guidelines, plus prints your Presort Summary Report, Packing Report, Bundle Facing Slips, Tub Labels and Card Labels. Additionally, it helps you avoid wasting precious labor on processing returned items.

According to NFO Research, 60% of adults disregard mail that isn’t addressed correctly. Ensure your addresses are correct and increase direct mail campaign success.

Seamlessly integrates into numerous applications and programming environments. Basic installations are completed in 15 minutes or less.

Easy to configure for many Windows, internet, and ASP environments to fit your organization’s needs. Optional data sets are also available for the United States.

BCC Architect Canada is easy to use and maintain, saving valuable time and resources. Wizards simplify setup and implementation into other systems usually takes a few lines of code. Additionally, users get Canada Post updates via our AutoUpdate feature.

Our optional NCOA service keeps your lists accurate and up-to-date and ensures that your mail reaches the intended recipient, even after they have moved.* Just submit your mailing list to BCC Software via a secure FTP site for our LENS® processing to analyze, update and enhance. *Only available via LENS Platform

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