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BCC Mail Manager™

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End-to-end mail processing software that adapts to your business needs

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Your business requires a solution for today’s needs, plus the flexibility to keep up with changing customer and USPS® demands tomorrow. With BCC Mail Manager™, you get the most adaptable postal software available that enables continued business growth.

BCC Mail Manager has more standard functionality than ever!

BCC Software has added and enhanced functionality in BCC Mail Manager desktop software, including more intuitive list import capability and creation and processing of Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®). Additionally, BCC Mail Manager’s expanded functionality includes basic versions of palletization, periodical Firm packaging, and TaskMaster® automation capabilities to improve your workflow. Options to upgrade each to advanced versions with more capabilities are available.

Built on the best expanded technology platform in the industry, BCC Mail Manager is backed by the only team of 100% USPS® Mailpiece Design certified support professionals. Providing the most comprehensive Intelligent Mail® solution set available, this powerhouse desktop software improves and maximizes your postal discounts – allowing you to stay focused on the success of your business.

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Mail Manager, the premier end-to-end mail processing software, now with Companion Interface (ci)

Companion Interface (ci) offers the user-friendliness of our Bulk Mailer® solution with power and control for advanced users– all in one dual interface.

Featuring a New Dual-Interface

Enter the new era of Mail Manager. The gold standard of presort software continues to innovate and provide the best solution in the industry. We’ve created a new dual-interface that combines the best of both worlds using the power of Mail Manager plus the easy-to-use Bulk Mailer interface.

Faster Workflow

Complete jobs faster than ever with the easy-to-use interface and the improved Mail Manager back-engine.

Powerful Flexibility

Onboard new employees faster with the user-friendly nature of the companion interface while reaping the benefits of the powerful engine of Mail Manager. Once you’re ready to utilize the features of Mail Manager’s “power-user” mode, we’re here to help. Ask about a Mail Manager ci free trial.

Cut through ever-changing USPS® red tape to provide dependable mail processing performance. BCC Mail Manager easily adapts to changes in your business and industry—while delivering optimal mailing efficiency and economy.

Intelligent Mail Tracking

Gain better visibility into the mail stream using Track N Trace® — BCC Software’s intelligent Informed Visibility® mailpiece tracking and reporting tool. Updated file encryption keeps information secure when transferring data from BCC Mail Manager™ to TNT™.

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Handle Mailings with Ease

Improve your operations and manage your costs more easily. BCC Mail Manager is the most flexible and affordable postal software platform available on the market with more standard functionality than ever. Learn why.

Certified and Experienced

Our top-rated bulk mailing software, BCC Mail Manager, is USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ certified with over four decades of experience.

End-to-End Mail Processing

Provide a portfolio of mailing services (presorting, address standardization, de-duping, and more) to a wide range of clients.

Quick Return on Investment

A natural fit in any PC-based operation, BCC Mail Manager is simple to integrate and easy to learn

Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM™)

Easily create and presort your EDDM lists without having to purchase lists or use other software.

Powerful Output Functions

Tackle elaborate merges, graphics and formatted text, and output to multiple label formats.

Intuitive List Import

Getting data into the BCC Mail Manager system is simple thanks to our intelligent import tools.

Available Options

BCC Mail Manager options can satisfy virtually every need you may have now or in the future. Optional add-ons quickly pay for themselves through gains in your work efficiency.

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Generate complete, correct and current data, all required postal documentation, as well as production reports

Choose the features you need now and add functionality (like automated mail preparation) as your business grows.

Palletization for proper mail sorting and container labels included with all BCC Mail Manager installations. Advanced preparations can be handled with extended optional capabilities.

      • CASS™ Cycle N Certified
      • PAVE™ Gold certified in over 100 categories
      • ZAP + MAC Batch™ certified
      • Utilizes RDI™ technology from the USPS to flag residential addresses that can cost additional postage
      • Flat Rate NCOA Link® LSP/FSP
      • DSF2®
      • Suppression Services
      • Rooftop Geocoding
      • Address Resolution Services
      • Proprietary Change Of Address (PCOA)

Subscription-based pricing makes it more affordable to get started with BCC Mail Manager or add options.

Built-in capabilities allow hands-off processing, with optional features available to automate the most complex jobs.

Gain better visibility into the mail stream using Track N Trace® — BCC Software’s intelligent Informed Visibility® mailpiece tracking and reporting tool.

Firm Packaging for Periodicals allows you to bundle multiple Periodical mail pieces for significant savings.

Supercharge your mailing operations with BCC Mail Manager - The ultimate solution for comprehensive mail management!

Seamlessly handle every aspect of your mailing campaigns, from data processing and address verification to intelligent presorting and barcode generation.

Elevate your mailing experience today - click the link below to unlock the full potential of BCC Mail Manager and revolutionize your mailings like never before!
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