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A Few Changes and Tips from the Data Marketing Services Team

February 05, 2018

Our Data Marketing Services (DMS) team has a few updates we want to share with our customers.

DMS payment options

Beginning with BCC Mail Manager™, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™, and BCC Mail Manager LE™ Version, credit card is no longer available as a payment option within the Data Services Wizard. We removed this payment option as a means to increase security for both BCC Software and our customers. However, we will continue to accept credit cards through our online Customer Portal as well as through direct communication with our Finance team.

When needing to pay for a DMS job using a credit card, on the billing screen of the Wizard (found on page 5), select purchase order (PO). Your credit card can then be used to pay the invoice supplied by our Finance department. Also, the default credit limit for all customers is $1,000. If you need a higher amount, that can be arranged with our Finance or Sales team at financeall@bccsoftware.com or by phone 800.337.0442.

Selecting the correct PAF

To avoid delayed NCOALink® processing, the DMS department would like to emphasize the importance of selecting the correct PAF when creating a job. When viewing your PAFs, either through the PAF Management and/or Choose PAF screen in the DMS Wizard, make it a point to check the “status” of your PAF prior to submitting the job. This is to prevent unexpected delays due to the PAF being expired or having a pending signature status. Also, TaskMaster™ customers who use the PAFIDENTIFER can view the BCC PAF ID within PAF Management, which changes with every PAF renewal. This will help you know if the ID needs to be updated in the job script prior to running the job, instead of finding out by experiencing delayed NCOALink processing and/or having to cancel the job.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Data Marketing Services at 800.337.0372.

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