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Suggestions and Options to Move to Electronic Submissions

Jan 2, 2024

(starting January 2, 2024)
By Matt Lauer
Pre-Sales Engineer
BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company

While the Postal Service has several options for mailers to electronically submit postage statements – Postal Wizard, the IMsb, and PostalOne! (used by the majority of midsize to large mailers today) – third-party options can be extremely valuable for mailers looking to automate and simplify processes by using more intuitive and feature-rich solutions.

For example, all of BCC Software’s presort solutions, including BCC Mail Manager and BCC Architect, offer Mail.XML and/or Mail.dat as options for submitting electronic postage statements to PostalOne!. While both meet the requirements for electronic submission, it is important to know which is the right fit for you. There are certain instances that require Mail.dat over Mail.xml, as shown in the image below.

While these basic software features may work for many small-to-medium sized mailers, some mailers require more. Focused on making eDoc submission faster and easier while removing the potential for costly errors, the DAT-MAIL suite (including PostalWeb) is designed for making electronic documentation a little less scary by giving mailers more flexibility and control in making a wide range of changes to reflect what occurs during and after production, or to simply manage the submission, return receipts, and finalized postage statements – often allowing mailers to bypass PostalOne! entirely.

Vendors can be your best partners! Reach out to BCC Software to learn more about best practices and using specific solutions to help you through this transition. We are here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of mail!

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