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Automate More: Simplify PostalOne!

January 2023

Throughout the industry, everyone from small mailers to the largest mail service providers (MSPs) are looking for ways to improve the bottom line by adding automation and simplifying processes.

You may be unsure how to improve processes further. You’ve likely already taken steps to:

  • Upgrade/add equipment
  • Improve your standard operations procedures (SOP) to optimize efficiency
  • Realign and cross-train staff to meet production demand
  • Add or enhance your post-presort solution (such as a Mail.dat editor with QA features) to simplify processing jobs and catch errors before they become a costly problem

So, what else is out there to help mailers?

First, I’ll run through the most common challenges users face when using PostalOne!. Then, I will suggest ways an automated solution mitigate, if not completely remove, these challenges.

The Top 7 Challenges

  • Updating the MDR Client everywhere it’s installed
  • Tracking eDoc submissions
  • Monitoring jobs on the Gateway
  • Downloading postage documents
  • Creating reports
  • No way to fix jobs that fail validation
  • Cryptic feedback/error messages

Today, there are several tools available that address all seven challenges by removing the need to log into PostalOne! (many times a day, as I’m sure some of you can attest!), click and scroll through a multitude of screens to perform tasks and access data. The challenges noted above are addressed by finding a solution which:

  • Tests and updates the MDR Client automatically
  • Automates submitting jobs up to the Gateway
  • Includes a separate dashboard
  • Provides messages in plain English, with helpful, readily available information
  • Automatically downloads and prints statements to a network printer
  • Creates flexible reports for a variety of departments

Delving a bit deeper, the optimal solution should automate the entire cycle by updating the MDR Client as it becomes available (which typically is on a Sunday), providing a submissions engine that uploads jobs, fixes simple validation errors, resubmits jobs automatically, and avoids mid-process failures. Next, having a color-coded dashboard draws users’ attention to jobs requiring immediate action. Finally, the solution should download statements (via PDF or XML) to a network folder and/or printer, so they’re readily available. Additionally, allowing users to create customized status reports by selecting from available fields provides the flexibility to meet every department’s needs.

Given the current economic environment, it’s now a prime initiative of most companies to improve efficiencies and employee retention as well as prepare for future growth. Automation is key to improving your bottom line, while also improving morale and customer satisfaction. Reducing errors and turnaround times simultaneously helps in meeting your clients’ urgent deadlines without compromising service. Simplifying tasks makes it easier to train employees (you don’t need a Mail.dat expert). Additionally, with a robust solution, those with cyclical or seasonal mailings (e.g. holiday, political, nonprofit, etc.) can now easily scale operations to meet demand without adding administrative staff.

An Illinois MSP commented after implementing a PostalOne! automation solution, “Our very first site saved over 14 labor hours per week just by not having to manually upload jobs to PostalOne! and download finalized statements.”

In closing, since there’s a push to move mailers into Full Service Acceptance (don’t forget the $1.00 per thousand piece incentive for MSPs), it’s more important than ever to be certain that your IMbs match to your eDoc and that every part of your mailing is correct and complete. Look for tools to help improve your business and you’ll be well-positioned for the future.

Written by Lisa Leslie, Strategic Account Manager, BCC Software, a BlueCrest Company.

This article originally appeared in the January/February, 2023 issue of Mailing Systems Technology.

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