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An Update on USPS® Performance Measurements

October 06, 2020

The USPS recently released information regarding 2020 performance measurements during September’s PCC week. Overall, PMG DeJoy maintained that service performance is stabilizing, and numbers are beginning to recover from the pandemic. He did recognize, however, that some of the changes he implemented to the supply chain when he was first appointed did influence numbers – and that the supply chain took weeks rather than days to adjust.

According to PMG DeJoy, numbers are beginning to return to where they were prior to the changes he implemented, and on September 17th, the USPS released a video highlighting their recent performance metrics.

According to the video:

  • First Class-Mail® is up to 88% on time
  • Marketing Mail is now up to 90% on time
  • Periodicals are now up to 76% on time
  • Priority packages are now at 86% on time
  • First Class packages are now at 87% on time

While these numbers are encouraging, it should be noted that regional performance issues are still being reported.

With performance issues still being reported, a service like BCC Software’s Track N Trace® becomes even more important. With TNT™ you can gain better visibility into the mailstream, enabling you and your customers to drive better performance across business operations. Utilizing Informed Visibility® technology, TNT provides unbeatable mailpiece intelligence and reporting.

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