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COMING SOON – Big Improvements to Import Functionality!

October 01, 2019

Import has always been one of the most important functions in BCC Mail Manager™. The import tool helps you clean up data as it’s being brought into your environment. This helps you ensure that customer data is actionable and mailable before you find a problem and have to re-work a whole job.

What if Import could do more for you? What if you didn’t have to manually edit every list layout for those “Straggler” fields that make this job just a little different than the rest? What if BCC Mail Manager could just know where your fields belong, and save you the steps of manually matching in the import wizard? What if you could record an Import right along with the rest of a Taskmaster job?

We have been thinking about the same things. In fact, that’s just a preview of all the big time-saving adjustments made to BCC Mail Manager to help you do better, in less time.
In the next month, look for some exciting changes and improvements to BCC Mail Manager to make your data work as easy as pie – and just in time for Thanksgiving!

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