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Guest Article from Handwriting.io – Personalization Drives Conversion

November 03, 2015

Personalization is often sacrificed for expediency. There is nothing more impactful than receiving a handwritten note that creates an emotional experience. Personalization drives conversion, shows value and improves open rates.

Targeted direct mail boasts a 4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12%*. We know that direct mail is still “king” in a digital world of inbox fatigue. Innovation for direct and digital mail providers is essential. Handwriting is important and builds relationships, but it needs to evolve to suit our digital lives.

Scalability is key in guaranteeing a seamless customer experience. Traditional handwriting automation is done by robotic arm, which is limited to around 6,000 units per day and requires an investment in space as well as labor to calibrate and maintain. By leveraging the latest software, this productivity can be increased by a factor of four, while reducing the reliance on staff and eliminating a separate piece of equipment on your shop floor.

Reliability drives production and is an important factor to consider when investing in personalization. Ownership and licensing allows providers the flexibility to work with customers more frequently and with no limitations. Software is a single integration that allows complete control over production, compared to hardware that relies on servicing with lower production rates.

Affordability with exceptional quality wins business every time. Choosing the right solution allows the provider to put an innovative product in front of a customer that helps to builds an additional revenue channel. Investing in a personalization solution provides your sales team with an opportunity to present an innovative option to customers that scales with their business. Ownership of the solution allows the provider to confidently sell a product that does not rely on outsourcing.

Handwriting.io is a patented API solution that simply takes texts and turns it into authentic handwriting. Gracious Eloise is a personalization technology company that is bringing handwriting to the masses in a scalable, affordable and easy way. Founded by Eloise Bune and headquartered in New York, NY, Gracious Eloise has been granted two digital handwriting technology patents.


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